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Mavi Phoenix: Young Prophet

SEEN has been enjoying the musical stylings of Mavi Phoenix. While certainly NSFW, there’s an enjoyable Die Antwoord-style irreverence about her lyrics.

Her EP Young Prophet, out now, has been injected with two fresh cuts, “Janet Jackson” and song “White Polo”. The EP will also be available physically.

The 22-year-old, hailing from Austria with her roots in Syria, may seem to have the most unlikely background for a credible, traditional rapper, but talent like this nonetheless rises regardless of geography.

There’s an incredible use of imagery in stand-out new track Janet Jackson which is loosely (at best) related to the hit-maker. It’s instead about “the feeling of when you go big and are really confident” explains Mavi Phoenix, continuing “but then you still know something isn’t quite right and feels kind of odd. When writing this song I imagined what it would be like to have made it and also thought of the bittersweet aspects that come with it.”

Mavi Phoenix started singing, rapping and producing at the young age of just eleven. In that time she’s developed her own, distinctive style of music production. Her refreshing sound has saw previous songs on her Young Prophet EP be heralded in the U.S. by tastemakers such as NYLON and The FADER. Be sure to earmark her as One To Watch in 2018.