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The Art of Christopher Jenner: Atkinsons Maison in Burlington Arcade

No trip to London is complete (in SEEN’s humble opinion) without a visit to the glittering Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. Its hallowed precincts are a bastion of Britishness that is intimately associated with high society. Creators of fragrances to royalty, Atkinsons Maison has found a home there. They subsequently built up their business as purveyors of perfumes to the aristocracy, who know a good thing when they smell it.

Not only that, SEEN favourite Christopher Jenner has been tasked with reinventing the interior for its new situation in Burlington Arcade. Taking as his theme Mayfair heroes, heroines and dandies, the new Atkinsons spans three floors featuring a barber’s shop, the perfumery and of course consultation rooms where the privileged guest may consult the experts on fragrance.

Though strikingly modern, Jenner’s beautiful designs evoke the dandies, heroes and heroines of old: Beau Brummel, Queen Victoria, the Russian Tsarinas, Napoleon… archived labels and books are there to peruse, as the new aristocracy develop their noses for the new millennium. Rich and sumptuous, beautifully lit with bespoke hand-made furniture, Atkinsons Maison promises a visual and olfactory experience.

Interestingly, Jenner finds the design aesthetic of the Georgians refreshingly unchanged: “The modern notions of lifestyle and taste were invented by the Georgians who clamoured for novelty yet were meticulous about restraint. That tension is the essence of design, so our aim for the new Atkinsons Maison has not been to integrate history but simply embody it for today.”

SEEN hears that a limited-edition cologne called 41 Burlington Arcade is now available to mark the opening of the new Maison. SEEN will certainly be popping in to breathe its essence.