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Lots Holloway Releases Debut LP ‘Slow Down’

SEEN is enjoying the style of the wonderful Lots Holloway. The talented singer & multi-instrumentalist has now released her debut EP, ‘Slow Down’, on Why I? Records, via Absolute.

Following the recent synth-driven single ‘Stay A Little Longer’, Lots returns to a more organic, contemplative style on title track and lead single ‘Slow Down’. “It’s a song about being present in every moment; about not rushing or wishing your life away,” explains Lots. “The only time we have is now, and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.”

Elsewhere there’s the hypnotic ‘Berry Bones’, the dark undertones of the upbeat ‘Love Me’ and the tender closing song, ‘Between You And Me’ – which is about a secret kept between two people. “I decided to not re-record the demo version,” says Lots. “There’s just something about this first version that’s so raw and passionate.”

As well as showcasing an exceptional writing ability, the ‘Slow Down’ EP also demonstrates how talented Lots is in the studio. Like previous releases, she’s responsible for everything from the composition and layered vocal harmonies to the production and mastering. She’s also the brains behind all her video concepts, press shots and artwork, keeping creative control of all aspects of her career. Check out the video for ‘Slow Down’ here:

Born in a small town in Cornwall, Lots spent most of her childhood writing lyrics and teaching herself how to play different instruments, after being inspired by some of the songs in her parents’ vast collection of music. First the drums, then the guitar, the bass, and finally the piano. Once Lots had mastered each of these elements individually, she began to merge them, along with her lyrics, and started crafting and arranging entire songs.

Since moving to London in 2011 she’s continued to hone in on her own musical style, taking inspiration from icons such as Talking Heads, David Bowie and Kate Bush, combining this with her own natural talent and diverse ability as a singer-songwriter.

Following an inspiring session in Bryan Ferry’s personal recording studio, Lots Holloway released her debut single, ‘World’s On Fire’ – a track which first showcased her talents to blend pop qualities with considered, insightful lyrics/themes. This was followed up with the recent single ‘Stay A Little Longer’.

“Vocals which are as pretty as they are confident” said God Is In The TV. SEEN sees no reason to disagree.