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The Flavour Gallery: A Feast for all the Senses

Astute SEEN readers will remember that we visited the rather fabulous Flavour Rooms experience in Carnaby back in March. Smith & Sinclair’s Flavour Rooms series redefined the new way to consume alcohol, with unique cocktail experiences that challenged perceptions at prestigious locations including Carnaby Street, The Sanderson Hotel and more. With everything from Edible Perfume workshops to Alcoholic Dip Dabs, to inhalable cocktails, edible bubbles and much more, the new standard was set. We are pleased to hear that Smith & Sinclair are back!

Arriving in London’s East End in November is Smith & Sinclair’s multi-sensorial experience The Flavour Gallery, inviting the public to tickle a tastebud and suck a scent by consuming art in ways they never imagined. Building on the huge success of The Flavour Rooms, this tantalising exhibition takes Smith & Sinclair’s Flavour series to dizzy new heights. The Flavour Gallery will feature some of the globe’s most awe-inspiring artists including Terry Pastor, London Loom, Anja Predojevic and more, each commissioned to create interactive artwork that plays on what a gallery is traditionally understood to be. The Hoxton Basement will play host to artwork beyond imagination, art that changes colour, diffuses delightful smells and reacts to its audience. The Flavour Gallery will feature SEEN fave, God’s Own Junkyard, Smith & Sinclair x Lanique Cocktail Bar and a gift shop selling unique works exclusive to visitors. Tickets for the exhibition at The Hoxton Basement run from 9th 
The London company has now taken their Flavour concept to the next level with The Flavour Gallery. Smith & Sinclair are evolving the multi-sensorial adventure, turning exhibition tradition on its head. Expect obscure and allure with a showcase of illuminating light, thermal reactions, groundbreaking art and more at The Hoxton Basement this winter. The pop up will be pushing the boundaries of what can be tried and tasted with Smith & Sinclair’s innovative offerings. A chance to take, try and question ‘why?’ Smith & Sinclair will take the gallery goer on a multidimensional journey.

The Flavour Gallery will showcase a range of new and innovative, bespoke cocktails in partnership with liqueur experts Lanique. The entire menu will play with Lanique’s delicate blend of ingredients that have been refined and perfected over centuries. Additionally, a range of non-alcoholic cocktails will be available, blended with one of the leading soft drink specialists, Firefly.
The artists involved have created unique artwork pieces exclusively for the exhibition that will be auctioned off by renowned auction house Christie’s, with The Flavour Gallery shop also selling selected prints from each artist for four weeks only.

Terry Pastor commented: “Art is communication and with this in mind I’ve tried to echo in my work the glitter and colour of flavoured sugars.”

Melanie Goldsmith, Co-Founder of Smith & Sinclair says: “We’ve been wanting to play with the ‘Gallery construct’ since we started producing our own activations. Art is supposed to be something you consume individually and it’s frustrating when you go to an amazing installation and go to touch the piece, as you want it to react to you, and then you can’t – because it’s ‘art’. Well times are a-changing and we’ve curated a space for guests to play and engage in a multitude of ways.

SEEN caught up with Melanie Goldsmith recently…
Melanie, congratulations on the Flavour Gallery! SEEN is looking forward to experiencing it. Given its complexity, how long has it taken to put together?

We’ve been planning since August. Finding the space was the biggest concern being the busiest time of year for most venues

What comes first for you – the artwork or the flavour?

It was a combination of finding artists who wanted to play with the senses and which senses we most wanted to highlight as part of the experience. The flavour is probably the final touch on everything. Flavour being articulated through smell, taste, and colour.

Is it your intention to ‘educate’ the palates of your guests?

The experience is more a space to feel engaged with art in a heightened way – when you see art do you not wish you knew what it smelt like – what it felt like, what would happen if you touched it…? That’s what we’re doing, we’re playing with how flavour + taste can be articulated and how emotions can be brought to life through play.

We enjoyed your last Flavour Experience at Carnaby Street. Do you see the Flavour Gallery as an extension of that?

It’s a very different experience. The Flavour Rooms were more of a twist on a bar, this is a twist on a gallery. Have a unique cocktail and wander around an exhibition that encourages and stimulates play, taste, sight, and sound.

Where in London inspires you personally?

The Hayward Gallery, Hampstead Heath, West End (theatres), Ronnie Scotts….
Excellent choices! The Flavour Gallery is open to the public from Thursday 9th November until Sunday 17th December. Limited tickets priced at £15 are available from Design My Night.

The Hoxton Basement
12-18 Hoxton Street
N1 6NG