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Sugarmen Play London and Share their New Single ‘Push Button Age’

Liverpool based indie rockers Sugarmen have shared their punchy new single Push Button Age, taken from their new album Local Freaks, released on the 6th October.

Sugarmen have spent the past few years travelling the globe, taking their infectiously manic energy and sonic angst everywhere from Seoul to SXSW, all whilst performing alongside Blur, Paul Weller and The Who. Now the Scouse quartet are looking to bring their own brand of high octane, adrenaline punching energy to the masses with their first single ’Push Button Age’.

 Championed by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Sugarmen sound something like an unholy blend of neo-slackers The Magic Gang and Spring King on speed. You can hear the depth of the boys’ record collection in every track and their influences spread from Merseybeat to New York’s post-punk movement, to Glasgow’s Postcard Records, and on, all while retaining a sound that manages to sound quintessentially, urgently, current.

The track takes its title from the retro-futurism of the 1950s when appliances and dishwashers and computers promised luxury and convenience all with the push of a button, and asks what’re we meant to do when we’re living in that bright new future. Pulsing with psychedelic guitar riffs and a frantically charged drum beat, ‘Push Button Age’ joyously rockets through the narcotised haze of Gen X apathy, cheekily dancing between condemning and revelling in a generation “far too blazed” to do anything about gentrification. When an iPhone has the processing power of 120 million Moon landings, Sugarmen offer the only sensible response: play on while utopia spoils.

With their debut album ‘Local Freaks’, Sugarmen have taken their inspiration from Lou Reed and the streetwalking storytellers of the 70s to create a panoramic, polyphonic paean to Liverpool dedicated to “the mad, interesting people we’ve met along the way.”

Modern Sky UK have teamed up with Sire Records to release Local Freaks which was recorded at the famous Parr Street Studios with producer Chris Taylor (Everything Everything, Hooton Tennis Club, Bill Ryder-Jones, Circa Waves, Miles Kane). In the past few weeks Sugarmen have torn through Reading and Leeds festivals and supported The Jesus and Mary Chain in September before headlining at the Sebright Arms in London on 5th October, where they launched new album ‘Local Freaks’. SEEN has been listening and enjoying its very English vibe. We loved ‘Gallows’ for its bleakness and ‘Push Button Age’ for the guitars.

Chay from Sugarmen took a moment to satisfy SEEN’s curiosity…

You’ve been on tour with Blur, Paul Weller, The Who and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Were televisions chucked out of windows and cars driven into swimming pools or was it filtered water and quinoa all the way?

SUGARMEN: We actually just played BST at Hyde Park with The Who and Blur but that was equally as good as going on tour with them! Neither of those things happened and they both sound awful!

Where was your favourite place to play?

I think going to Seoul in South Korea and Austin in the US have been highlights for us. Its great to just be somewhere completely different to home and feel like a stranger.

Hailing from Liverpool – a city with iconic musical heritage – is that a help or a hindrance?

I guess it’s not something we think about but we’ve got lots of friends in really good bands in the city and I guess that would be a help.

What next for you after London?

Hopefully get out there and play the album! See a bit more of the world!

Is there anywhere in London that you’re particularly hankering to visit?

You only ever really have time for a walk round the corner wherever you are but we do like to visit the French House for a half!