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Bala Baya

Bala Baya are treating early risers by bringing a Tel Aviv ‘souk’ style market to Union Street arches. Inspired by the city’s unique mix of different nationalities, ‘Bala Baya Shook’ will take you on a sensory journey where culture meets ecstatic taste buds. Count SEEN in!

Seasonal sweet and savoury scents from the in-house bakery, pastries and breads will drift across the counter, enticing passers-by to pause their morning commute and wander inside. Open from 8am, a wide, carefully chosen selection of delicious breakfast options will include savoury bites such as Babka Pretzels, Pitta Pie and Poppy Seed Filas. Those preferring a sweeter breakfast, may partake of handheld delights including Iced Cinnamon Buns, Chocolate Babka Swirl and Quince & Almond Torsade. Updated regularly, no two breakfasts will ever be the same.

To complement your coffee, Bala Baya are taking aim at traditional fare, offering reimagined Alfajores Biscuits, Lemon Cherry cream cakes and Cheesecake Cookies.

From 12pm until 3pm, there will be a generous lunch offering, including slow-braised beef stuffed pittas, pumpkin curls with lime yoghurt dressed with pineapple & fermented prawn and miso & medjool date roasted aubergine, drowned with rocket and coriander salsa.

To those unable to leave their desks during lunch, or too chilled to get out of bed at the weekend, everything laid out on the counter will be available for pickup, take-away and delivery.

The Bala Baya Shook will also be opening its pantry, offering the unique flavours of their kitchen with Bala Baya branded ingredients; packets of Sweet Sesame Pitta Sticks, Meringue Gems spiked with spice, fruit and nuts, Harissa Munch Bags (a perfect companion for that evening drink), sumac-heavy Shook Spice Rub, Cardamom, Coriander & Granny Smith Chutney and Spiced Quince Jam that will rock your Christmas.

Bala Baya Shook will be open 7 days a week, from 8am – 5pm on weekdays and 10:30am – 5pm on weekends. The ‘Shook’ launched in October. We also hear that a brunch involving unlimited hummus is promised…

London’s very first Gazoz Bar will add to the Shook feel. Homemade blends of this refreshing, fruit-filled sparkling botanical drink [that has been a firm favourite of Tel Aviv’s residents since the 1920s and is now praised as the West’s answer to Kombucha], flavours will include Grape & Ginger, Watermelon & Parsley, Pineapple Chilli & Sage.

Being Bala Baya, they’ve amped up the gazoz using them to create a dazzling array of gazoz cocktails, such as; Arak Grapefruit & Thyme, Vodka Red Pepper & Mint, and Gin Quince & Fennel.

Founder and chef, Eran Tibi, says: “This is the evolution of Bala Baya growing from being a lunch spot and destination restaurant into a daytime dining scene found on the roadside of Tel Aviv. Bringing that culture over to London really excites me, the challenge lies in creating something traditional, but not as you know it.”

Inspired by the sites and sounds of Tel Aviv, Bala Baya is a new restaurant and bakery that launched last October in Old Union Street Arches, Southwark. This is the first stand-alone project from Chef Eran Tibi, formerly of Ottolenghi, Made In Camden, and Zest@JW3. Eran’s vibrantly progressive cuisine is routed in his mother’s Middle Eastern home cooking and generations of baking expertise.

Under the concept of Desert Bauhaus, with interiors designed by the award-winning architect Afroditi Krassa, Bala Baya plays on the essence of Tel Aviv: a breezy coastal city, painted with modernist architecture, with a unique, sun-kissed free spirit.

Bala Baya
Arch 25
Old Union Yard Arches
229 Union Street