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After Warhol: Posthumous Paintings

With so much to see during Frieze, SEEN made sure they popped in on Trinity House to see After Warhol. The paintings were made by Warhol’s master printer Alexander Heinrici who became involved in the exhibition when artist Paul Stephenson found Warhol’s original acetates, and pigments used during the Pop artist’s life.

‘Jackie’, After Warhol, 2017 ©Paul Stephenson

Provoking a fascinating dialogue on the nature of authenticity and originality, the series are accredited After Warhol. Paul Stephenson is an artist in his own right; his own artistic practice explores themes of authorship and how that is affected by external factors and influences.

In many ways, the paintings on display; ‘Mao’, ‘Jackie O’ and Warhol’s ‘Self Portrait’ seem to be the story of the twentieth century. The political figures of the day and art provocateur Warhol becoming religious icons almost, such is the formality of the medium. In an age of images given new leases of life via Instagram, Twitter et al, SEEN can only think that Warhol himself would have approved. Check it out while you can, on until the 20th October.

Trinity House
50 Maddox Street