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Ladies of the Press at Sluice Biennial

SEEN headed up to Hackney recently, there to peruse this year’s Sluice Biennial. A large and airy building at Morning Lane housed fascinating creative projects by artists and creators who have come together under the Sluice banner. What SEEN particularly liked was the variety of work on display and the informal atmosphere in which it all took place. At no time were we directed to appreciate the artwork in a didactic way. On the contrary, the audience seemed to be doing as SEEN did, making connections for themselves as to the narratives and ideas on show.

SEEN got chatting to the Ladies of the Press, resplendent in pink, who were there with a pink backdrop and a welter of instagram hashtags to encourage the public to make human collages of themselves, with oversized cutouts from magazines of all our favourite brands. We got talking about the semantics of pink as a colour, wondering why it’s such a contested hue. Personally SEEN only has to be told to stop wearing something before she rushes out and buys a new outfit in exactly that colour. The Ladies make a good point about women who are targeted by advertising, but in the tradition of all good subversionary tactics do so in a fun way, encouraging us to examine our own desires for branded goods and self-expression but not in a fashion that makes us defensive. We’ll be following the Ladies’ progress. Watch this space.