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The Verdict on Alcotraz: SEEN Reviews

Alcotraz has been taking a lot of flak for its prison setting and themes of incarceration, the smuggling of contraband booze and orange jumpsuits. For some commentators, orange is definitely NOT the new black.

In SEEN’s humble opinion, Alcotraz bears a strong resemblance to the set of ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou?’ with its retro prison interior. Drinkers sit four to a ‘cell’ or at the bar, proffer their smuggled booze to the barmen, who then return with your choice of cocktail. SEEN partook of a classic Tom Collins (nice and dry) and a Kiwi Collins (sweet with a kick) whilst we were harangued by actors sporting American accents, prison uniforms and biblical quotes. It was actually rather fun, more like immersive theatre than anything else. In any event, go yourselves and see what the fuss is about.

Alcotraz Penitentiary
212 Brick Lane
E1 6SA