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Tiipoi: Modern Kantha at LDF17

With so much to see at the London Design Festival, SEEN was keen to view the beautiful embroidery of Tiipoi. They’re a London-based studio that creates collections inspired by and made in India with a combination of traditional and craft skills and industrial manufacturing techniques. Modern Kantha included quilted blankets and cushions displayed to great advantage for the audience at their press launch in an airy, light, top-floor studio in Clerkenwell. Designed in collaboration with Witek Golik studio from Copenhagen, Martyna Golik and Sisse Witek spoke eloquently about the processes involved in the blending of old and new in Modern Kantha with Tiipoi founder Spondana Gopal.

Kantha, if you didn’t know, is a type of hand embroidery that has its origins in Eastern india around West Bengal, and is a simple running stitch. The pattern is formed by repetitive rows of running stitches over the entire fabric thereby creating a quilt. Traditionally it’s used to recycle old fabric and saris, thus giving material a new lease of life.

SEEN thinks the effect quite beautiful. The restricted colour palette of blue, white, pink and green is offset by the simple Kantha stitches creating something resolutely modern. It’s surely set to become a design classic. The global span of the Kantha, India, Denmark and Britain, brings us a new perspective on Indian design.

As Spandana Gopal stated: ‘Kantha is a ubiquitous embroidery from India, I wanted to translate this traditional trope; the ‘kantha running stitch’ into something new by using a modern medium.’