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‘Be Our Guest’: The Residence at John Lewis

Well, SEEN thinks this is a fabulous idea: John Lewis, the store that is synonymous with Oxford Street shopping, has launched an in-store apartment where customers can partake of a try-before-you-buy experience. You can stay overnight and enjoy a dining experience, trying out all the items that will be exclusive to John Lewis during their ‘Only Here’ Autumn campaign. There will also be a variety of workshops (free to attend) that will guide visitors through choosing the right duvet and pillow, the right lighting and the right dressing for your table.

So, if you want to try a bed or a sofa, now’s your chance. The Residence has staff to help you choose the object that’s right for you. It includes dining, living and kitchen areas plus a study, bedroom and an indoor terrace, featuring clean-air plants and orange trees, all sourced from the Nursery at the John Lewis Partnership Leckford Estate in Hampshire.

A veritable home-from-home, The Residence will have all the amenities you would expect; newspaper delivery, fresh coffee, its own scent and the radio on in the background. Visitors will be able to explore cupboards and wardrobes and try everything within the space.

John Lewis
300 Oxford Street