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KitchenAid LDF17: Staying In is the New Going Out

SEEN hereby bids you to get yourselves straight to the wondrous KitchenAid Experience Store at 98 Wigmore Street IMMEDIATELY. You will find there a cornucopia of KitchenAid mixers and gadgets, accessories and colours, enough to delight the heart of all those who geek out over such things, not to say those with a burning passion for home dining. For that is what the current limited edition ‘Artisan Black Tie’ model is all about. Sleek, black and sturdily built as well as designed to a tee, these babies aren’t cheap but if you look after them, you’ll never need another mixer for the rest of your life. Available now, only 1000 stand mixers will be sold in Europe with 200 reserved for the UK. Each limited-edition product will include a commemorative card signed by John McConnell, senior design Manager for KitchenAid’s small appliances.

As he comments himself: ‘Like the little black dress, or classic tuxedo, the new mixer is a timeless collector’s item that will never go out of style.’

There is also a new kitchen range in brushed black stainless steel, alongside the cool designer vibe, it also incorporates anti-fingerprint technology thus making it easy to clean. KitchenAid have thought of everything. SEEN could immediately picture the black kitchen punctuated with the bright colour pops afforded by the vivid hues of their astonishing range of appliances.

To coincide with the London Design Festival 2017, 6 top-notch architectural designers have designed an immersive kitchen design experience that is part of the LDF17 display at KitchenAid’s store. Ranging from the hi-tech futurism of Japanese designers Kensaku Oshiro’s ‘The Whale Tail’, to the refreshingly bucolic vision of Italian matali crasset’s ‘Capsule Végétale’, there’s an eyepopping range of styles and ideas to inspire the ardent chef or designer.

Isn’t it great to live in the digital age, now all the cuisines of the world are open to us? And as more and more people prefer to work from home it seems natural that they would want to extend their skills in the kitchen as well, all the better to feed family and friends.

SEEN was truly gobsmacked by the colours and finishes available in the KitchenAid range, not to mention the add-ons and extras that make a KitchenAid mixer such a lifetime investment. No wonder it’s still a firm favourite since its launch nearly 100 years ago.

KitchenAid Experience Store
98 Wigmore Street