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London Mezcal Week: Mexico Comes to the Capital

SEEN learns with joy that Monday 11th September to Sunday 17th September is the first official London Mezcal Week, in which Londoners and visitors to this fair city have the opportunity to enjoy Mexican mezcal, culture, art and food that involves a two-day tasting festival and Mexico Independence Day celebrations.

This glorious week is the brainchild of London’s Thea Cumming and Melanie Symonds, both mezcal enthusiasts and, respectively, founders of Dangerous Don and Quiquiriqui Mezcals. They are collaborating with ‘Slap Ya Papa’ Pop Up producer Lucie Massey to bring Mexican art, film and food to us, as well as a greater appreciation of the noble art of mezcal production.

Mezcal, if you didn’t know, is produced from the agave plant and a series of events involving a Mexican mural, mezcal masterclasses and food pairings will enhance our knowledge of this magical plant.

It will be an action-packed week, launching on the Monday with a mezcal pairing dinner with Edson Diaz-Fuentes at his restaurant Santo Remedio. From a traditional mole negro with over 20 ingredients including chillies, nuts, chocolates and dried fruit, to a pig’s cheek tamal with salsa de molcajete, Londoners will experience true Mexican flavours and extraordinary and exceptional dishes. Edson’s use of unique ingredients, such as cactus, grasshoppers and cascabel chillies, and use of traditional slow-cooking techniques give his food rich, deep flavours and bring a true taste of Mexico to London.

Having received critical acclaim from top UK food critics including Jay Rayner, Giles Coren and Grace Dent, for £60 per person Edson’s mouth-watering dishes allow diners to take a trip to his grandmother’s table in Mexico City and follow his time travelling all over Mexico to the Yucatan, Puebla and Baja California.
The headline tasting event, held over two days in Hackney, will host the biggest mezcal tasting in the UK. Ticketholders can sample over 30 mezcals and familiarise themselves with the faces behind the brands, many of whom will be independent. Focusing on traditional methods of creating mezcal and the families who still carry on this work, a proportion of sales will go to charities working within the agave community.

Some of London’s most famous Mexican restaurants will be involved, including Bad Sports, SEEN favourite El Pastor, Santo Remedio and Temper. A pop up Mezcaleria will be selling custom cocktails from London’s leading bartenders and brands such as the London Essence Company. Viva Mexico!