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Elixir at The Space

The great thing about London is the astonishing variety of fringe theatre here. SEEN ventured into the Isle of Dogs to see Elixir at The Space. If you haven’t been to this excellent venue, do go. As well as the theatre space there’s an excellent bar called Hubbub above. It’s a much-loved cultural community venue.

Elixir tells the tale of two wizards: Dr John Dee and Edward Kelley as they attempt to turn lead into gold, mud into a homunculus and try to discover the constituent parts to the elixir of youth, much desired by Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor. The dynamic duo has 24 hours to make their fortune or meet a grisly fate…

The cast gave first-rate performances to an appreciative audience. It wasn’t hard to transport ourselves back in time, as a parade of eccentric characters romped on and off stage. Female characters often get a raw deal in such pieces: designated ‘love or lust’ objects. Not so here. Our erstwhile heroes didn’t have it ALL their own way. Live piano accompanied the action and excellent sound work lent the play its uncanny aspect. Not for nothing did Dr Dee designate the Isle of Dogs as the ‘Omphalos of Empire’. SEEN will be attending other plays here in the future. Watch this space.

The Space
269 Westferry Road
Isle of Dogs
E14 3RS

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Posturing: The Female Body in Fashion

The Ground Floor Project, Posturing: Photographing the Body in Fashion was the first iteration of a three-part partnership with luxury online retailer THE OUTNET.COM. The exhibition brought together diverse photographers, whose images pushed the boundaries of fashion image-making, connected by a shared interest in posture, gesture and pose. The viewer was challenged to consider both the body’s role in the construction of a fashion photograph …

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Art on a Postcard Presents: Secret Auction 2017 for the Hepatitis C Trust

After the success of last year’s auction, which raised over £75,000, The Hepatitis C Trust’s Art on a Postcard Secret Auction returns for its 4th year. Guests at the private view on the 14th November at Unit London, included Sadie Frost, Alan McGee, Charlie Brooks, Dougie Wallace, David Harrison, Benjamin Murphy and Rowan Newton. World renowned …

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Omar Souleyman Releases ‘To Syria, With Love’

SEEN cannot believe that she hasn’t listened to anything by the great Omar Souleyman, before. He started out as a wedding singer in his native Syria before re-locating to Turkey six years ago to escape the civil war. Since then he’s toured the globe, collaborated with Björk and Four Tet, performed at the Nobel Peace Prize …