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Alcotraz: London’s First Prison Bar

Half of London is behind bars and the other half is leaning on them… As if to prove this, a new immersive and interactive cocktail experience starts doing its time on 28th September for three months: Alcotraz. Named in honour of the notorious Alcatraz prison in the US., ‘Inmates’ dressed in the obligatory orange jumpsuits will smuggle in ingredients for killer cocktails past the warden and, sitting in cells or visitation areas, break all the rules of mixology.

It sounds tremendous fun, and like so many things in wonderful London, a real experience; all the more so for being small (30 inmates at a time). It costs £30, which includes four cocktails. Expect your sentence to last one hour and 45 minutes. See you on the inside…

Alcotraz Penitentiary
212 Brick Lane
E1 6SA