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The SHED Project: Are Mini-houses the Future for London?

Here’s an interesting temporary and recyclable housing idea that SEEN would definitely like to try. Lowe Guardians proposes to create housing solutions for young professionals and creatives, whilst protecting vacant warehouses and office blocks from deterioration, vandals and squatters.

Self-contained micro-homes can erected within a day and can be deconstructed just as quickly to minimise waste. Though moving into a property as a guardian can be very cheap, the living conditions can be problematic, which is when company CEO Tim Lowe had the idea of the mini-houses, designed by architects Studio Bark.

Constructed in modular sections from Smartply (a mixture of oriented strand boarding and recycled polyester), and are insulated and soundproofed with lambs’ wool. They’re easily transported and, it is hoped, might well provide housing for homeless people and refugees in a city, which despite the demand for affordable housing, still has an extraordinary number of empty properties.