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Ninsdol: Brave New Westwood

At last – something collectable that actually makes you think. SEEN is very keen to get their hands on the latest project of Vivienne Westwood: NINSDOL playing cards – what better to keep us all off our wretched smartphones?

Channelling the spirit and work of visionary author Aldous Huxley and reinventing aspects of the Vivienne Westwood A/W collection ‘Propaganda’ NINSDOL (an acronym) stands for ‘Nationalist idolatry’, ‘Non-Stop Distraction’, and ‘Organised Lying’ and is presented as though it is a pharmaceutical pill. It’s promoted as propaganda in the Huxleyan manner: ‘One a day from birth’, ‘Your free pill’ and ‘Ninsdol every day’ as examples of how the population could be manipulated by the elite.

Huxley felt that the concepts encapsulated by NINSDOL were the three core evils that threatened modern democracy. In that spirit, Vivienne Westwood collaborated with her intellectual friend Gary Ness, who had the original idea for the acronym and the Ninsdol pill.

Even the most cursory reading of Huxley’s masterwork ‘Brave New World’ cannot fail to alert us to the dangers of NINSDOL, not least the ‘Non-Stop Distraction’ of what everyone else is doing; the relentless consumerism that is never satisfying; the instant obsolescence of the latest gadgets and most frighteningly – how the populace can be manipulated into fear and hatred of supposed ‘enemies’. The cards themselves are beautiful objects of desire, but for once, their beauty is more than skin-deep. Put down your smartphones and get dealing.

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