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Mint Gun Club: Around the World in Eighty Tastes

SEEN often reflects that it’s very difficult to do anything new and novel in London. Everyone’s game is up, up, up. This is particularly true in the capital’s thriving restaurant trade. Clever restaurateurs try and tempt diners in with faddy ideas about flavour, fusions and fashion. How refreshing then (in every sense of the word) to visit the newly opened Mint Gun Club in Stoke Newington, where owner Rich is exploiting his enviable worldwide expatriate upbringing to bring something truly different to his diners.

The bar/diner is delightfully informal and small; intimate even, with crisp, fresh décor of white and green. There is no kitchen per se, just a ‘larder’ area where everything is prepared. An unusual selection of cocktails was on offer at the press night including a Rudie’s Gimlet (hitherto untasted by SEEN). This had a hearty robust, aniseedy sort of flavour, perfect for waking up the tastebuds. It consists of Shiso Tonic Cordial, Fragrant Jamaican Rum and Elderflower Liqueur. I also tried a Milanese Nightingale (Aperol, Gooseberry and Bramble Wine, Elderflower Liqueur, Pico Bière, Neroli and Sweet Orange Liqueur. This was truly spectacular! And finally a Quiet Americano (Strawberry Campari, Fragrant Vermouth Blend, Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo Soda), that balanced out the sweetness of the strawberries with the sourness of the grapefruit.

Small sharing plates came round, which included bruschetta with a lovely parsley-based zhough with chargrilled artichokes and salad; gorgeously fresh and robust, the perfect accompaniment to the delightfully dry cocktails. The menu is a medley of ingredients and clever combinations: Marinated Pineapple, Labneh, Kimchi, Jerk Pickle, Tapenade… The staff were friendly and informative and the vibe very chilled, like your front room. It must be said that SEEN was somewhat the worse for wear as she left. Fortunately there was a bus stop right outside.

In SEEN’s opinion, Mint Gun Club is what London does best: a small, intimate, friendly local establishment with bold flavours and ideas. Tiffin, High Teas and Tisanes are also on the extensive menu. We expect it will be a huge success.

Mint Gun Club
4a Brooke Road
N16 7JN