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Arclinea and B&B Italia at the London Design Festival 2017

SEEN keenly anticipates this year’s London Design Festival, taking place from 16th – 24th September. Not least because B&B Italia will launch their partnership with Arclinea high-end designer kitchens. The brand will also celebrate the UK debut of its 2017 collections, including the 20th anniversary edition of the iconic Charles seating system; all to be revealed with a new look for its B&B Italia London store on Brompton Road.

B&B Italia celebrates the UK launch of their partnership with Arclinea, expanding the product range into the high-end designer kitchen segment. The 2017 festival will see the presentation of three Arclinea kitchen configurations created by Antonio Citterio, including Italia and Convivium and the most recent launch, Principia. The kitchens will present the latest project solutions, design possibilities and high quality specification of the Arclinea Collection within the home and contract market.

Arclinea ITALIA PVD 2015 - Steelia Collection - Bronze, design Antonio Citterio

Convivium _ design by Antonio Citterio

Italia, designed in 1998 by Antonio Citterio, was originally crafted in hygienic, virtually indestructible steel and is the first kitchen that truly translates the restaurant kitchen experience in a way that makes sense for the home. All the configurations are designed with generous worktops alongside spacious tall units with efficient, well-planned internal accessories, extended hob tops and two separate washing areas (one side for pots and pans and the other for food). In 2000, for Italia, Arclinea developed the functional island, to allow a more seamless kitchen experience, that has become one of the company’s benchmark projects. Still today, Italia embraces cutting-edge new finishes and integrates the most up-to-date innovative and practical solutions in kitchen design. Italia features an innovative recessed handle that is artisan produced, and since become an exclusive Arclinea patent.

The Convivium kitchen (SEEN’s favourite), designed in 2002 by Antonio Citterio, is characterised by the recessed horizontal groove handle and the island with its thick worktop and built-in wooden table for food preparation, cooking, eating and entertaining. This island transforms itself from countertop to table in a matter of seconds, all by the touch of a button. The design also features the ‘Closet’, a walk-in cabin that houses the technical aspects of the kitchen, as well as storage. The ‘made to fit’ design helps organise not only activity in the space in which it sits, but also its architectonic layout.  Convivium, over time, has become one of the most iconic units and continues to make life in the kitchen unique: where socialising opens up to include cooking and vice versa. The Convivium kitchen has become a design favourite throughout generations, allowing life in the kitchen to unfold naturally, just as it should.

B&B Italia 2017 Collection
The epitome of refined Italian design furniture, B&B Italia continues to bring new contemporary designs to the market in collaboration with Italian and international masters. Piero Lissoni’s debut collection for B&B Italia includes the SAKé seating system and the Formiche small table range. With a contemporary design language, SAKé comes with seats in three sizes, curved or linear backs and arms and a matching chaise longue element to form different seating options. With a light frame, the Formiche tables come in various shapes and heights that can be nestled and arranged in multiple ways.

Piero Lissoni - Saké_01

The 2017 news also include designs by Antonio Citterio and Mario Bellini. Antonio Citterio with his new chairs Jens has explored wood as material, interpreting in contemporary key the classic design of the Chinese chairs. Also by Citterio the Alex dining tables, distinguished by the pronounced design of the sectional structures in large, lenticular shapes. Mario Bellini’s new Bolt table features a striking base of three interfacing the steel bars, supporting a round top in transparent extra light glass.

Antonio Citterio - Astrum_01

The B&B Italia 2017 projects also include the Harbor armchairs with ottoman by Naoto Fukasawa and Madison mirrors by Monica Armani. The B&B Italia Outdoor collection reaches its 10th anniversary this year, and celebrates with the launch of an original cement outdoor version of the iconic Tobi-Ishi table by Barber & Osgerby.

Barber and Osgerby - Tobi-Ishi Outdoor_04

Maxalto 2017 News
New designs for 2017 will also be presented by Antonio Citterio in the Maxalto range including the new Astrum tables that feature a die-cast aluminium “sawhorse” base and tops in wood and marble, and Caratos chairs that basic light design underlined by a die-cast aluminium frame.

20th Anniversary Edition of Charles Seating System
2017 also sees the 20th anniversary of Charles, the iconic seating system designed by Antonio Citterio in 1997. For the London Design Festival, the B&B Italia London store will showcase two anniversary edition colourways of the sofa: in red/orange and blue/grey colours in a scenographic installation designed by Migliore+Servetto Architects. The graphic setting will highlight science and technology inventions over the past twenty years; an ever-changing design landscape throughout which the iconic Charles sofa has stood the test of time.

B&B Italia London
250 Brompton Road