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Don’t Forget Your Passport: Friday Late at the V&A with THATMuse

SEEN loves the active ways in which you can get involved at London’s museums. It’s so easy to go round one and end up not remembering very much because of the sheer wealth of objects you’ve looked at. Perhaps this has inspired the wonderful V&A to host something very special; the travel-themed ‘Don’t Forget Your Passport’ Friday Late on Friday 25th August, which will feature a brand new and travel-inspired treasure hunt from THATMuse (Treasure Hunt At The Museum).


THATMuse will be taking Londoners globe-trotting within the galleries of the V&A to track down objects inspired by travel. Intrepid travellers will seek out treasures from the Silk Roads, Crusades and Grand Tour throughout the museum. Teams must work together to decipher clues, pose for a snap next to their findings and complete light-hearted bonus challenges along the way, as they race against the clock to be the winning team.  The Cadillac Soundsystem will be on hand.

Founded by American expat Daisy de Plume, THATMuse is an intelligently creative company that organises bespoke themed treasure hunts around some of the world’s most fascinating museums. With hunts around the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and British Museum the ‘Travel-themed hunt’ is the first to take place at the V&A Museum and offers an entertaining and interactive way for the culturally curious to discover the gallery’s hidden treasures. Bon voyages

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