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Between the Sheets with Miss Polly Rae

SEEN had a blast last Friday at the Underbelly Festival on Southbank. I was there to witness the wonder of Miss Polly Rae and her talented burlesque troupe as they took the enthusiastic and, frankly, well-oiled audience through an evening of high camp, humour, teasing near-nudity and breathtaking escapades with fire.

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The mood of unbridled sexuality was leavened with touching scenes and routines about love, and all sent up by the charismatic Miss Polly Rae herself and the wonderful Lili, who kept it topical (plenty of gags about Brexit and rude impersonations of famous West End shows – ‘the shit that you white people go for’, ie: musical theatre) and gobsmackingly un-PC. Lili was a huge favourite with the audience in her persona of Thai skivvy, who really needs to find a British husband and a passport pronto.


The costumes, as you might imagine, are stunning; glitter, rhinestones and feathers predominate, and that’s just the men. SEEN must confess to feeling somewhat ambivalent about burlesque hitherto; isn’t it just striptease with a retro vibe? Well, yes, but that just seems to be a part of it. There’s something refreshingly open and modern about Between the Sheets. It certainly foregrounds female and gay pleasure and the whole idea of sex as FUN. It also offsets any potential sleaze with dances that evoke love and emotional connection that lend the show more nuance.

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There were stunning routines involving a high wire hoop; a dancer with a neon costume who stripped and covered herself with glitter; an hilarious air safety sketch and a fire-eating routine in a giant martini glass that stole the whole show. Great fun and a fabulous way to spend Friday night. Now, where did SEEN put those rhinestones…

Underbelly Festival
Belvedere Road Coach Park