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Benjamin Hubert to Debut Nolii Tech Brand at London Design Festival 2017

SEEN is looking forward to this year’s London Design Festival. Amongst many innovative designs, we will be witnessing Benjamin Hubert (Founder of LAYER) as he creates an immersive environment to showcase an ecosystem of problem-solving accessories at Design Frontiers at Somerset House.

The inaugural collection of nolii, a new lifestyle-focused tech accessories brand co-founded by Benjamin Hubert, Creative Director of strategic design agency, LAYER and tech and design entrepreneur, Asad Hamir is set to preview within a specially created environment as part of Design Frontiers, a group exhibition that explores design thinking at Somerset House (18-24 September).

Nolii LDF installation

nolii is showcased at LDF as part of a dynamic installation celebrating the simple beauty of being connected. Inspired by the minimal yet expressive design language of nolii, the installation is an immersive experience reflecting the movement and connections of nolii users throughout a typical day. A rotating light source that mimics the movement of the sun creates a dynamic shadow play across fixed elements that can be interpreted as individuals connecting within an urban landscape. With each rotation, the nolii brand comes into clear focus.

Inspired by the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that defines London and today’s fast-paced, nomadic lifestyles, nolii’s mission is to deliver beautiful, highly functional products that solve everyday problems for people who depend on their tech to stay connected.

The inaugural nolii family of products has been designed by Benjamin Hubert and LAYER to keep consumers connected, wherever they are. The collection comprises five key products: Couple, Bundle, Keep, Set, and Stack. Together, they form an intelligent eco-system of accessories that solve everyday challenges to make the consumer’s relationship with the technology – and the people they connect with – effortless.

The inaugural collection features five key multi-functional products:

Couple – a versatile case system with various highly functional attachments, including battery pack, wallet, car dock, bike dock, and fitness band

Bundle – a cable for charging and data transfers, with optional integrated USB storage that can be neatly and easily bundled

Keep – a three-in-one solution, featuring Bluetooth tracking, USB storage and battery power

Set – a charger and battery pack in one

Stack – the ultimate power solution for devices, including laptops, it offers both mains and battery powered charging

The nolii collection is available in three finishes – including soft pastels, and contrasting and complementary colours.

From chaotic cords and broken cables to limited charging solutions, our lives are too often interrupted by everyday tech challenges. nolii believes technology should improve the user’s lifestyle, not complicate it. Driven by insightful market and user observations, nolii delivers a versatile system of products that work alone or together to enable users to stay connected effortlessly – from charging your laptop on-the-go, and transferring leads quickly and efficiently, to minimising clutter with intelligent, multi-functional products.

As a socially engaged company, nolii will also be launching a collaborative project in East Africa later this year with a focus on empowering people by enabling connection. Further details on this exciting initiative will be announced in coming weeks.

The preview of the nolii launch collection in September at Somerset House will be followed by a retail launch at the end of November.

“We see an exciting opportunity to disrupt the tech accessories market with products that really solve the problems that we encounter daily with our technology. This system of accessories has been designed to reduce the stress of worrying about your tech troubles and enable users to do the things that are important to them.” Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER and Creative Director, nolii.

“We founded nolii because we felt there wasn’t anything on the market that we connected with that had both smart intuitive functionality and a contemporary, lifestyle-driven design language. With the new brand, we have combined industrial design ingenuity with tech innovation to solve real life problems for people who are always on-the-go and depend on their tech to succeed.” Asad Hamir, CEO, nolii.

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