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Kate Simko Talks to SEEN

Kate, congratulations on your show with your ensemble London Electronic Orchestra at The Jazz Café next week! SEEN is looking forward to it. We remember your show last year in the basement of Phonica record shop in Soho. The audience loved it. Is the appetite growing for classical/electronic music, do you think?

Thanks, we’re looking forward to it! I think the audience for blending genres and experiencing music in new ways is growing across the board. It’s always fun to hear music in a venue and experience music you know performed in a new way. So yes, I think there’s an appetite in general for mixing genres, including classical and electronic.

Do you feel like a trailblazer for this form of music in that there haven’t been that many women in the field?

To be honest, I don’t compare myself specifically to other women. I feel lucky to have started making music at a time when technology has been consistently evolving, enabling long-distance collaborations (with zero-latency or high volume uploads), growing interactivity between artistic mediums, and more powerful tools in our hands as producers. It’s an exciting time to try to push the envelope in general, and in a way, we’re all trailblazing together :).

SEEN’s not ashamed to admit that she has a vinyl copy of Isao Tomita’s version of Holst’s Planet Suite! Are you tempted to create your own interpretation of famous works from the past?

Nice, no reason to be ashamed, hah! Yes, I am enamored by this process, and am currently in talks with a label about writing a LEO album reworking classical pieces from the past. So you’re onto something here. More news on that soon :).

Fabulous! Tell us about your US tour in June. Were the audiences receptive, and which was your favourite show?

It was our first US tour and it went great! We played WNYC radio and Rockwood Music Hall in New York, a hot summer day on the rooftop of a club in Washington DC, and then we had two sold out shows in Chicago to end the tour. Chicago was the most special for me, as that’s where I was born and raised, and it was like a reunion of the music scene, at a well-regarded performing arts venue. So it brought people to a new space, in the same way I hope The Jazz Cafe show will do for some electronic fans!

You’re in London, you slip away for a free lunchtime recital in one of the capital’s many churches, where do you go?

It’s always a treat to catch LEO violinist Kamila Bydlowska and harpist Valeria Kurbatova. I’ve seen both of them at daytime concerts,

Any surprises awaiting at The Jazz Cafe show, and what’s next for you?

We’ll be performing our new single, ‘Breaking My Own Heart’ and have a cool stage installation planned by the insanely creative fashion designer Jack Irving. We’ll be wearing Jack’s futuristic clothes (as seen on Lady Gaga, Keisha, etc). This is my last show before having a baby in October, so this fall I’ll be focusing on production and taking a couple months off touring. The projects I’ll be focusing on are an orchestral-electronic collaboration with Jamie Jones, and the LEO classical reworks album. And mainly enjoying my new son :). Thanks for the interview, and see you next week!

Our pleasure!

Kate Simko and the London Electric Orchestra will be playing the Jazz Café on 24th August

The Jazz Cafe
5 Parkway