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Trailer Trash Tracys: Althaea

SEEN has had the privilege and pleasure of previewing the new release from the Trailer Trash Tracys: Althaea. The name put me in mind of a Greek muse, perhaps, dedicated to music but no, Althaea is a hollyhock or marshmallow, usually pink. In a way this typifies the TTT’s playful attitude to their musical art: it looks like one thing but sounds entirely another.

TTTs - Althaea packshot

This reviewer was reminded powerfully at times of the Cocteau Twins and occasionally Siouxsie and the Banshees. The dense layers of sound and syncopation and lush arrangements make for a hypnotic and involving album.

The short intro of ‘Smoked Silver’ is atmospheric and melodic but with a hint of dissonance, as though warning the listener to expect the unexpected. ‘Eden Machine’ the latest single, showcases the band’s Japanese influences and bears us away on an odd journey through an indistinct emotional landscape. ‘Gong Gardens’ is the one that makes me think of the Banshees. It’s syncopated and hypnotic, it’s one of my favourites. ‘Siebenkäs’ made me feel a Geisha sort of vibe. I think that’s the skill of the TTTs’ musical influences. ‘Moondogs’ by contrast was playfully disconcerting. ‘Betty’s Cavatina’ (another favourite) is carnivalesque and strongly narrative. ‘Casadora’ is dreamy and lyrical, while ‘Singdrome ‘ is positively, transcendentally, lush. Kalesa (SEEN’s absolute favourite) was so uplifting, I challenge anyone not to dance to this one. ‘100 Aspects of the Moon’ is a fitting end to the album, rich and dream-like, leaving half-formed images in the imagination.

I love the evocative titles of the songs, as well. This as much a feast for the eyes and mind as well as the ears. The Trailer Trash Tracys are set to play Camden Assembly Rooms in October and the new album Althaea is set be released on August 11th on Double Six.