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SEEN Chats to Brand New Moon’s Mike Barrett

Congratulations on ‘Spinning Coin’ – very much the sound of the summer in SEEN’s book. Was it inspired quite literally by the sound of the coins spinning?

Thank you, that’s nice to hear! I actually recorded the coins a bit later on in the process, but when they went in the track it felt like a happy marriage. I tend to find the meaning of a song reveals itself painfully slowly – it’s usually only afterwards that I realise what inspired it. I think I was buying a lot of scratch cards at the time.

The lyrics are very wistful. Will listeners identify with the longing for change, do you think?

Ha – ‘change’ – saw what you did there. I’ve had my music described as wistful before, so I guess I must be longing for something. I assume the feeling is hard-wired and that everyone fantasises about rolling the dice and starting again. I’d hope that the song is relatable on that level at least.

How did you meet your collaborators in Brand New Moon?

We’re friends – not the most interesting answer, but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a whole bunch of very talented folk who I can call on. The first time I heard Meg sing I wanted to catch her voice in a bottle and sell it as medicine. And Rob always manages to weave the most intricate bass lines around my rough ideas for songs.

Can you tell us anything about the special live date for the single launch yet?

I’m currently planning a double-headliner launch-party spectacular with the wonderful Rhosyn. It’s taking place in an amazing repurposed high-rise office building in Docklands on September 28th (when I should have another single ready). We’ll be joined by video projections, an all-female choir and sunset views of the city. You’re all invited.

Fabulous! Thank you. And finally, you’re in London, you’ve given your publicist the slip – where do you go?

Assuming it’s this warm, I’m getting in my swimming trunks and jumping in the nearest body of water I can find. But I want it noted that I do enjoy my publicist’s company.