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Art on a Postcard release Harland Miller print at London’s Art Car Boot Fair this weekend – Sunday 9th July

Art Car Boot Fair is all about originals this year and Art on a Postcard thought they would have some fun with the theme. They have teamed up with world renowned artist Harland Miller to create a limited edition run of 50 postcard-sized prints of ‘Hate’s Outta Date!’ with a hidden hand-finished print worth £4000 mixed into the editions. The prints will be available by buying a ticket, and one lucky ticket holder will win the hand-finished print. The winner will be revealed once all the tickets have been purchased. As always, proceeds go towards the elimination of hepatitis C; a worthy cause as SEEN readers will agree. Tickets will only be available at the Art Car Boot Fair.


“I donate to Art on a Postcard each year. They are raising money to eliminate hepatitis C. I’m more than happy to do this, as each year they set out their targets, whether it’s getting Westminster or the World Health Assembly to sign up to their programme of elimination, each year they let me know they’ve succeeded. I know the money I help them raise is effective in helping them achieve their goals.” Harland Miller

Art Car Boot Fair
The Workshop
Lambeth High Street