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Del 74 Tacos in Clapton: London’s Best-kept Secret

It was a Friday, it was a hot evening, SEEN ventured into the wilds of Clapton, there to sample the most amazing Mexican bar/restaurant: Del 74 Tacos, the brainchild of Enrique Vivas of Boho Mexica fame. The atmosphere was lively as the young and gorgeous flirted with each other over the music. The unruffled mixologists shook a variety of margaritas (one in each hand) for the thirsty crowds as the lovely Jorge took orders, chatted and encouraged his staff.

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SEEN was very happy to chat and observe the scene, putting her order in Jorge’s capable hands. He ordered a lovely hearty Ceviche with tortilla chips to start. A watermelon margarita was mixed (watch these, they’re so refreshing you feel could drink loads). Three tacos headed my way, borne by friendly chefs. How they made it through the crowds without spilling anything, SEEN doesn’t know. I ate Tilapia topped with home-made coleslaw; Cochinita Tibil – pork with guacamole and red pickled onion; and the most delicious steak sandwich with cheese (mercifully small). It was all fabulous; rich, hearty, fresh and authentic. Del 74 Tacos is unique. Enjoy.

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Del 74 Tacos
87 Lower Clapton Road
E5 0NP


Photography David Courreau

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