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Chin Chin: National Martini Day on June 19th

Well, who knew? SEEN is all for festivals related to James Bond’s favourite tipple. Indeed you could be forgiven for thinking that London is awash with gin at the moment, but then the capital has a fine history and tradition related to gin that goes back centuries. Thankfully, these days we have no need to drink gin because the water quality is so awful (though doubtless some would disagree) and there are several excellent establishments around town where you can quench your thirst on June 19th and remind yourselves that you are drinking history.

Rather like JB in ‘Casino Royale’ SEEN doesn’t give a damn whether you have your martinis shaken OR stirred, just go and drink one from the American Bar at the Savoy. Harry Craddock, head bartender at The Savoy’s American Bar during the 1920s and 30s, is responsible for making the martini what it is today. Having been included in the ‘World’s Best 50 Bars’, this luxurious spot will be perfect for martini-lovers looking for a sophisticated and classic tipple.

Situated in London’s trend-setting and flourishing area of Hackney Central, bar and live music venue OSLO has just launched a brand new summer cocktail menu, featuring the mouth-watering Icelandic Martini: Miller’s Gin, pink grapefruit liqueur and homemade chamomile syrup. SEEN can attest to the deliciousness of this heavenly drink, having sampled it a couple of weeks ago.

We hear that The Jam Tree is the perfect spot to cool down after a sunny June day with a drink or two, with venues in both Clapham and Chelsea. The Watermelon Martini is a great mix of Eristoff vodka with fresh watermelon – great for drink lovers looking to pretend to be on a Thai beach instead of in the stuffy city. A couple of these and you probably won’t care either way.

Taking inspiration from the 70s and 80s, Coin Laundry is Clerkenwell’s most fun, laid-back bar for anything from breakfast to late-night drinks. Its 70s Porn Star Martini flavoured with mango and served with Babycham will take Londoners right back to the good old times. See? You’re drinking history…

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Sculpture in the City, Art for Everyone

SEEN thoroughly enjoyed a preview of the 18 new artworks around the financial district’s square mile. Set up by The City of London in 2010, this excellent initiative expands its footprint every year, improving the area and proving that when people are happy, they work better.

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Alex Evans at the Foundry Gallery, Chelsea Quarter: LDF17

The astute reader will have noticed that SEEN loves art about London. There are many artists in this city who draw (pun intended) their inspiration from it, none more so than Alex Evans whose fractal renderings hint at the entropic nature of urban life and perhaps also our anxieties and isolation in the 21st century. His latest exhibition ‘Invisible Systems’ can be seen at the Foundry Gallery, tucked away off the King’s Road until 26th October.