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Grace Souky: Domestic Collectables

SEEN visited the recent Clerkenwell Design Week, which was both eye-opening and uplifting. Not just the big dramatic installations but also the smaller independent designers who have made the area their home.

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The beautiful Domestic Collectables by Grace Souky caught SEEN’s magpie eye as soon as she saw them. Exquisitely designed and made, Grace’s bowls, utensils and containers in particular stood out; sleek and calm in their perfection, their quiet minimalism and bold colours making them thoughtful additions to any style of home. The combination of materials, the copper and wood especially, are stunning.



Grace Souky is a Venezuelan-born, London-based product and furniture designer with a flair for strong colours and simple forms. She is currently living and developing new designs under her label Grace Souky in her studio in East London. Her signature style reveals a love for detail, colour and geometry. Clean lines and a mixture of natural materials like wood, stone and metal, inspire her pieces. Grace is passionate about storytelling and how people interact with things, mindful of the communicative nature of design.

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Her designs have been featured in exhibitions throughout Latin America, United States and Europe.

9-10 Charlotte Road