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I Am Kode: Come Steal My Soul

SEEN has been enjoying I AM KODE’s new single – ‘COME STEAL MY SOUL’ / ‘FLOOD’ which is due for release on Downtown 82 Records on 9TH June 2017. SEEN is delighted to premiere it here:

‘Come Steal My Soul’, which has already been picked up by BBC London Introducing, is a double A – Side release and comes backed with a re-worked version of the singer’s debut single  ‘Flood’ which was a ‘Q Magazine ‘Track Of The Day’ on it’s release in Spring last year.

Iinfectious electronic melodies, both tracks were self produced and recorded in the multi-instrumentalist’s own studio and will be available digitally at all the usual major outlets. Having recently collaborated with the legendary DJ Judge Jules on another project, ‘Come Steal My Soul’ features a dark pumping bass line and hook-filled choruses and adds another dimension to I AM KODE’s contemporary production signature.

‘Flood’ not only picked up the aforementioned Q seal of approval, but was also supported by BBC Radio London Introducing and had extensive airplay across several UK regional stations. The track was accompanied by a stunning video directed by ‘Grizzly Kid’ and featuring the actress Liberty Scott:

The multi-talented I AM KODE has been developing his electronic-tinged sound over the last couple of years in his South West London home studio. Taking the DIY approach, he prefers to do everything, from recording lead and backing vocals, string and orchestral arrangements, synths, pianos, programming in drums and bass lines, completely on his own. SEEN salutes his musical entrepreneurship.

Inspired by artists from Calvin Harris, John Newman and Sigala to the nostalgic Faithless and Chicane, he merges his own production sound with a slight nod to his influences and the results are both refreshing and stunning.

Catching Up With I Am Kode

Congratulations of the release of ‘Come Steal My Soul/Flood’! Is it satisfying to play every musical instrument, or is it a perfectionist’s nightmare?

Now that’s an interesting question! It is satisfying in that I get overall musical control of the songs, but a part of me does wish I could have another producer or musician to give me a helping hand or two. Also it is really, really, really time-consuming! I guess it saves a lot of “creative” arguments in the studio, but I’d definitely be interested in collaborating with some producers to see what they could add to take the songs in a different direction. I would love to collaborate with Calvin Harris, Sigala, Galantis or Madeon…

How did you start? Did you play lots of musical instruments as a child?

When I was 13 I had drum lessons and this became my instrument of choice. My very first band was formed with my mates at school. It was called The Dropzone Bunnies and we mainly played covers by Rage Against The Machine and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. That said, we did have one original song, which we imaginatively named F.U.C.K. How creative we were at 15 years old!

Then I started up a rock band with my brother and, frustrated with being hidden at the back behind a drum kit, I decided I’d give singing a go. It seemed to work out ok, and I played synths onstage as well. It was fun. No need to lug a heavy drum kit to every gig, and you get more attention stood at the front singing. After my very first gig, a very pretty lady came up to me and said, “Oh wow! You were almost as good as Coldplay.” I laughed. We then dated for a while. The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, eh!


Ha ha! You took that well… You cite Calvin Harris and Faithless as your influences. How young were you when you heard them? Were your parents musical?

I first got into dance music when I was 16 years old. I remember listening to The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. They were probably my first experience of dance music. Then I started getting into the Ministry of Sound annuals and then Faithless. Maxi Jazz is a bit of a legend. Calvin Harris is one of my modern heroes. He is a true musical producing genius!

I’m not sure my parents are very musical. I think my dad sings in the shower sometimes but that’s about it.

Do you have any live dates planned? If so, any favourite venues?

Since I was 15 years old, I have been contacting Wembley Stadium, asking them when they have some dates free for me to play live. I still haven’t heard back yet, but I’m hopeful…


It can only be a matter of time. You’re in central London, you have a couple of hours spare… where do you go?

Somewhere food-related. Anywhere that sells an Oreo cookie milkshake. I’m slightly obsessed with them, even though they are basically pure sugar and not good for the waistline.

I think sitting on the South Bank, watching the sunset, live music, an Oreo milkshake and the company of the gorgeous Rachel Riley* off Countdown. Life doesn’t get better than that, right?

*I’ve never actually met Rachel Riley but think I may be slightly in love with her.

Your secret is safe with us…