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Timberlina at The Glory: London’s Own Bearded Drag Queen


SEEN can’t wait to witness the wonder of alt-drag folk rock and blues star Timberlina at The Glory, on Saturday June 3rd at 10.30pm. Timed perfectly for the general election Timberlina will remind us of the importance of environmentalism and sustainability whilst rejoicing that life for the LGBTQ+ and Straight communities is much improved in many ways, despite the issues that we are all wrestling with.

Timberlina Psychedelic 4

Raised as a Quaker, Timberlina is the middle-class menopausal alter-ego of Tim Redfern, who is, according to Tim’s mum, ‘frustrated by the strains and challenges of everyday life.’

Interestingly, Timberlina dislikes the term ‘Gay’ feeling it is too marginalising, and shudders at the thought of all-pervasive Straight culture so prefers ‘Queer’, feeling that with all our quirks, we are perhaps all a little bit Queer. It’s a definition, SEEN is happy to accept.

The gig should be fabulous. It will involve the playing of a rarely-seen guitar that was given to Timberlina by a practising witch in San Francisco. Timberlina brings an impressive history of performance and activism to The Glory, and has been hosting the London Cult hit The Big Bingo Show every Monday for the last ten years at London’s legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Other work includes LGBTQ+ cultural projects at Tate, National Portrait Gallery and the Science Museum and international performances in Hamburg and Sweden. Timberlina will also be singing at Latitude this year. All hail your majesty.

281 Kingsland Road
E2 8AS

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Oh to be at Camino Bankside Now that Summer is Here

With temperatures set to soar as though it was 1976 (SEEN remembers sweltering through that), your best bet is to get anywhere by the river Thames, where the views are gobsmacking, and the food is fabulous. Like last year, London is awash with marvellous gins – and let’s remind ourselves, if you drink gin you are partaking in a resonant and historical pastime that is inextricably linked to London’s rich, vibrant and – dare we say it – dark past.

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Kieren Hughes: Urban Dreamscape

SEEN was instantly captivated by the work of the Cheltenham-born artist Kieren Hughes recently. His unsettling images seem born of modern-day anxieties about urban living, as in Chicago Fever Dream or the privileges accrued by a rich elite, as in The Last Privilege of an Oil Man.