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Catching up with Conner Youngblood

SEEN favourite Conner Youngblood is a talented singer/songwriter and multi-intrumentalist. We covered his collaboration, the poignant ‘Everyday’, with vocalist Nylo, and caught up with him recently for a little chat.

Conner, you play so many instruments. Have you played since you were a child?

I got a fairly late start actually. Besides playing clarinet in middle school band as a consistent last chair. I didn’t really start branching out until around, maybe, 16, with guitar and banjo.

Who were your musical influences growing up? Are your parents musical?

Before I started writing my own music, I was listening to a lot of Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Brand New… etc., (I still love this music by the way), but it wasn’t until I started to like Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens, and Gorrillaz that I started getting into writing my own stuff.

My parents weren’t musical in the sense that they played music, but they certainly had/have an ear for it that helped me discover a love for some classics. Plus, plenty of good car rides to Stevie Wonder, the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and Eva Cassidy.

SEEN loves the graphics on your merchandise! Are you a designer too?

I try my best, hah! — I don’t know if it would be offensive to anyone who designs for a living to call myself a “designer” — but yes, I draw and design all of my own artwork. I typically do a drawing per song and make prints of them all.

What’s a typical day in Nashville? If there is such a thing…

Wake up around 10, go running with my dog, steal/borrow from my roommates food supplies, work on some music in my room while everyone is away at job stuff (I live with 4 other people), and then once the evening hits, go outside and play some basketball or street hockey with friends. The night usually ends with a movie or two. And once people are asleep, I can work on some music again.

You’re in London, you’ve given your publicist the slip… where do you go?

I’m pretty tame/lame overall. I think the last time I was in London with nothing to do, I went to a few museums, the zoo, and a bad movie by myself. Pretty good day, if I say so myself.


Photography Brett Warren