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Matty Bovan: DIY Instinct

As a delightful contrast to haute couture and certainly an antidote to dullness in all its guises, the playful, DIY aesthetic currently emboldening much London style can be seen in the work of Matty Bovan. Though based in Yorkshire, the digital world in which we live ensures that Matty’s instinctual, textile-led style is having an influence in the capital.

As a Central St Martin’s graduate with a Masters in Knitwear, he attributes his design style to his mother and grandmother’s wardrobes, and an exhortation by his late tutor at St Martins, Louise Wilson, to take pictures of what he wore every day. A clever way to capture the reality of his daily wardrobe, rather than relying on other images.

Im so excited to see @alienanthology I got @paul_flynn to take this photo of me xxxx

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Having won the L’Oreal Professionel Creative award and the LMVH Graduate Prize in 2015, the multi-talented designer, makeup artist and illustrator is a firm fixture at Fashion East and has leading figures in the fashion industry, such as Katie Grand, Marc Jacobs and Sarah Mower on his side, not to mention the founder of Fashion East, Lulu Kennedy MBE.


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