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Rumours to Play Birthdays on 12th May

London-based live act Rumours will be headlining Birthdays, London on 12th May. The trio have crafted their own soulful blend of electronic-pop with meticulous discipline. Mark and Fede come from Italy and have been making music together since childhood, until they moved to London at the age of 18. There they met Norwegian student Marion who joined forces with them in 2014 – thus Rumours was born. The band is a cosmopolitan mix of Italy, Norway and London, which certainly doesn’t fail to leave a mark on the trio’s much loved sound.

Blending electronic production with emotive songwriting, a key ingredient of Rumours’ sound is Mark & Marion’s intertwining male & female voices: vulnerable yet grounded in a unique sound hard to pigeonhole.

Accompanied with an exhilarating live show that incorporates momentous live electronics with distinctive visuals and live instruments, Rumours are certain to cause waves – not just in London, but on the festival circuit too. SEEN were able to catch up with their band amid preparations for the show at Birthdays.

SEEN: Rumours has such a distinctive blend of voices. How much is this due to your diverse heritages, do you think?

Mark: Our different musical backgrounds have surely a lot to do with it. I also think that our voices really work together for a more simple reason though, our range and the colours of our tones complement each other quite nicely.

S: The show in London’s Birthdays promises arresting visuals; do you have a hand in these too?

Mark: For the live visuals we have been collaborating with Claudio Giambusso, a filmmaker from Italy whom we’ve met here in London. We appear in some of the clips, but the visuals are 100% his creation, though he has been very open to our opinions and ideas throughout the making of it. The visuals add a new dimension to our live show… Everything has been filmed and produced from scratch to fit each track, and to engage the audience as much as possible, not only with the music but with a full show. Expect anything from 3D scans, face mapping, graphic tricks and much more…

S: Do you feel your sound is distinctly ‘London’ if there is such a thing?

Fede: I guess you can say it’s got a ‘London’ sound because it’s got a lot of different influences, as well as from the UK. Although there are some genres of music that you could say are hailing from London and the UK, especially underground/club music and grime, but I think that the London music scene has got so many influences from all over the world that it would be very hard to merge them into one London ‘sound’. Basically I think the sound of London is a diversity of influences…

S: SEEN loves the lush vocals and arrangement on ‘Invitations’. The lyrics speak of experimentation and unknown horizons. What was your inspiration?

Mark: Thank you, we’re happy with how this song turned out too. I quite like the idea of leaving the meaning of our songs open to different interpretations, but I could say that the line “Everywhere I look I see an inspiration, each and every breath a silent invitation” gives a good idea of the meaning I give to it. The people we meet, the places we feel a connection with, almost everything that surrounds us, can be seen as a reason to feel inspired, and an invitation to create, in my case, write a song.

S: Any gigging or touring plans after Birthdays on the 12th? Any favourite venues?

Fede: We are playing at The Funk & Soul Weekender the day after the Birthdays gig, it’s the first festival we’re performing at and we can’t wait!! after that we have another exciting show coming up in Croatia at Dimension Festival on September the 3rd.We have had the chance to play in some amazing venues around London, Village Underground was definitely my favourite, I think it’s the perfect size venue and the sound system is ace. Koko was also amazing!

S: Where’s your favourite place to go in London?

Marion: I have so many!! We all love food so we like to try new places to eat, and we really like spending any sunny day in a park, as well as going to gigs to discover new music. As with most things in London new places pop up everywhere all the time, and there are so many gigs so it’s difficult to grow tired of this city!

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33-35 Stoke Newington Road
Stoke Newington
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Tickets also available here.