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Bisazza to Launch Mineral Inspired Collections presented at Salone del Mobile, Milan

It’s not even summer yet, and SEEN has found a very good reason to look forward to welcoming winter again. The reason being that it’s when Bisazza’s latest mineral inspired collections, launched during Salone del Mobile 2017, will be available from their London showroom. Featuring new decorative Cementiles designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, and a new series of mosaic patterns by Australian Interior Designer Greg Natale, who took inspiration from nature to create organic designs influenced by composition and layering, this is the first collaboration with Bisazza for both the Brazilian duo and the young Australian designer.

Juana and Paquete

The five new collections try to reflect nature, from the fascinating mineral world to the underwater environment of the Great Barrier Reef, creating organic designs influenced by composition and layering: Brazilian Agata hand-made tiles and four glass mosaic pattern using digital technique bearing suggestive names: ‘New Malachite’, ‘Fragment’, ‘Groove’ and ‘Moire’.

Ian and Lyn

Inspired by the Brazilian Agate gemstone, the décor Brazilian Agata signed by Campana Brothers for Bisazza CEMENTILES, reproduces the coloured spirals of the layered mineral rock. An organic and contemporary design, interpreted through the craftsmanship of concrete tiles, becomes an unexpected subject for interior decoration. Tiles are made entirely by hand in an square format (20×20 cm) using high-strength cement blended with coloured oxides. The pattern is available in four colours: green, yellow, red and blue. Campana Brothers explained that this collection is “a colourful and versatile collection that can be applied in vast array of environments. The richness of Brazil and the immense fortune of crystals petrified in an icon image which became a tile.”

Bisazza Mosaico_Fragment Gold_design Greg Natale copy

An in-depth observation of the nature also inspires the four mosaic patterns designed by Australian Interior Designer Greg Natale for BISAZZA MOSAICO Collection: ‘New Malachite’, ‘Fragment’, ‘Groove’ and ‘Moire’.

Recognised for his aesthetic with symmetry and bold geometrics, as well as for his sophisticated approach to layering, Natale believes that working with patterns, organics and geometrics should sit side-by-side to have optimal effect. In his first collection for Bisazza, he wanted to explore how motifs that are so wild, uneven and random could be reinterpreted, attractively, within a medium as linear and unvarying as sheeted mosaic square tiles. According to the artist, “the malachite stone is a much loved crystalline structure than in section gives us vivid, radiating swirls of green. In ‘New Malachite’ I played with the colour and we now offer a soft, rose and dusty pink hued alternative as well as a calm and soothing greyscale version”.

Emma Wallmen

‘Fragment’ can evoke images of dry cracked earth, ice flow and smashed glass depending on its colours, but the beauty of it is in its simplicity and scale; ‘Groove’ takes its cues from nature also, the brain coral of the Great Barrier Reef was the starting point for this undulating graphic. In nature, these lines are wrinkly and three dimensional. By flattening them out and they take a new graphic character that leads the eye and holds your interest.

Bisazza Mosaico_New Malachite Green_design Greg Natale copy

I love ‘Moire’ as it is so alluring because it’s intangible and short-lived. It changes and shifts before your eyes. By taking a snapshot impression of the moire effect and reimagining it with mosaic tiles what is usually transient and ephemeral now becomes permanent and solid and beautiful. Visually it might reminds us of soundwaves or the grain of timber, I think that it is because it is not immediately clear what it is you’re seeing, that adds to its charm”, as Greg Natale explained.

Bisazza Mosaico_Fragment Grey_design Greg Natale copy

Funded in 1956 in Vicenza, Nothern Italy, Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and a leading producer of glass mosaics for interior and exterior decoration. This is not the first time Bisazza collaborates with internationally renowned designers. Campana Brothers and Greg Natale follow a list of collaborating designers that have work for the brand in the past 25 years, which include Tord Boontje, Jaime Hayon, Alessandro Mendini, Paola Navone, Nendo, India Mahdavi, Fabio Novembre, Studio Job, Patricia Urquiola, Edward Van Vliet, Marcel Wanders and the EMILIO PUCCI fashion house, among others.