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Mystery Meat Comedy Night at the Rosemary Branch Theatre

SEEN does love her job: to boldly go and discover new things in London that you might enjoy. Last night she ventured to the Rosemary Branch Theatre by the canal in Hackney, there to sample the delights of an immersive comedy experience called ‘Mystery Meat’. As you enter the auditorium you are bidden to choose a red, green or yellow sticker to wear, indicating your willingness to participate in the evening’s schenanigans…

The evening started with the introduction of the highly dysfunctional Oskin-Redson Family. Bizarre Uncle Chazz, the hapless Cousin Scott, the boozy Rhiannon and the smug Jack. The theme of the night was ‘birthdays’ and the Oskin-Redsons were celebrating a family birthday as various members have disappeared.

Audience members were invited to the stage for various games with mad rules and odd prizes. The comedy acts were introduced at suitable intervals, who were very funny indeed. First up was the gloriously named Olga Koch who took us through the extraordinary tale of her father’s affair with a Russian actress that was devoid of any hint of scandal, indeed, an appalling ennui seemed to the cloak the whole experience for them. Olga even had a PowerPoint presentation and Youtube clips to show us. Great fun. Then, well-travelled northern comic John Green gave us how not to propose to someone and the perils of German beer festivals. You have been warned.

Following were Jon and Nath who gave us (variously) impersonations of Woody Allen and Robert de Niro, a couple of Aussie politicians having a scrap and, hilariously, a deconstructed pizza experience; Hackney hipsters take note. Then Alice Marshall appeared as contemptuous Spanish Stewardess who harangued, swore, threw pretzels and presented a safety video that was anything but. Cracking stuff. Then finally comedian, Naz Osmangalu enthralled the audience with tales of his Turkish dad, and an eye-watering experience in a sex club in Amsterdam when he was twenty years old.

The evening finished with the family’s birthday nuptials taking a very dark turn indeed. Poor Cousin Scott! Sacrificed for the greater good of the family, but there were lovely meat sandwiches afterwards. Part therapy, part Edinburgh Fringe, all great fun. SEEN can hardly wait for the next Mystery Meat event.

Rosemary Branch Theatre
2 Shepperton Road
N1 3DT