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PEAKES First Single: ‘Pray For You’

PEAKES, the electronic trio based in Leeds, have just released their first single ‘Pray For You’. SEEN invites you to listen to it here.

SEEN is delighted to unveil the first single by PEAKES, a young band formed in Leeds in late 2016 that have already built a name for themselves on the UK music scene, supporting incredible acts like Yorkshire trio FLAWES and London band Little Cub.

According to Maxwell Shirley, synths and co-writer, PEAKES’s live act is a rollercoaster of lush soundscapes and emotional heights, and ‘Pray for You’ is the perfect example of this. From the outset, the track hits you blaring energy. If not from the dynamic synth, it’s co-writer Molly Puckering’s intense vocal performance. There is power and emotion here, but it’s held back for all but the final chorus, when ‘Pray For You’ truly soars. As a listener, you climb from intimate confessions to heights of explosive force. There are moments of space and clarity, only for you to be lifted higher by each chorus. The middle eight is as thunderous as an earthquake.

Running through it is the precise but expressive, even eruptive, drumming of Pete Redshaw. It’s the perfect counterpoint, and so up in the mix that it’s practically a solo.

PEAKES’ new single is stirring and unashamed electronic pop, merging the dramatic with the emotive, and it only hints at what is to come with this exciting band. SEEN will be following them closely…