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Tony Moore: Renaissance Man of Rock

SEEN had the pleasure of catching up with musician, singer, actor and organiser of #RocktheStrand at last Thursday’s gig (which featured Natalie Shay and April), Tony Moore. Tony was an original member of Iron Maiden and joined Cutting Crew (‘I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight’). He’s acted in Crocodile Shoes with Jimmy Nail, and a comedy feature: Mr Rudolpho’s Jubilee and is permanently engaged in his own musical career as well as discovering and promoting new musical talent at venues like the Strand Palace Hotel.

Tony is absolutely committed to music 200%. A varied and busy career means that he has no time to be cynical; he’d much rather make a good story out his experiences. He was reminiscing about the time that he and a German punk outfit, Tanz der Youth, supported Black Sabbath at the Birmingham Odeon in 1978. It’s fair to say that Sabbath’s fans weren’t keen on them. SEEN can attest to the truth of this as she was present that night. Tony is a great raconteur and SEEN could have listened to him talk all night. Surely an autobiography is on the cards?

Tony has just released his own EP: ‘Perfect and Beautiful’ and headlined at #RocktheStrand last Thursday night to an enthusiastic and voluble audience. Supporting him beforehand was the talented Natalie Shay, fresh from Brit School. Natalie has a beautiful voice, putting SEEN in mind of Alanis Morissette and has great stage presence. She was accompanied only by a percussionist, and I must say the Lounge Bar at the Strand Palace Hotel really does lend itself to these stripped-down arrangements. Other guests in the hotel were drawn in to watch and applaud. SEEN does not doubt that Natalie Shay is headed for the big time.

The next band, April, also played a pared-down set with just two members: Hollie, who has an absolutely breathtaking vocal style and range, and Tom Pointer on the guitar, again, very talented. Generally there’s five of April but on this occasion, there was just the two of them. In an age of stadium rock at vastly inflated prices, it’s refreshing to go to a small venue that’s free to enter for some truly knockout performances. Tony himself was very much at home promoting and supporting young artists while doing what he does best: singing, playing, but above all, connecting with his audience. #RocktheStrand is a fabulous night out. It’s on the last Thursday of every month. SEEN will see you there on April 27th, for sure.


Strand Palace Hotel
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