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SixtyNinety Launches at Lights of Soho

SEEN had the pleasure of seeing some rather fabulous new swimear and activewear at our favourite art gallery and members’ club last Thursday. Amid the neon art and a host of Anna Laurini paintings, the lovely models displayed the pieces by SixtyNinety to their best advantage. SEEN particularly liked the activewear.

If you didn’t know, the SixtyNinety brand name was inspired by the classic myth of 60-90cm as a woman’s ideal body measurements. The founders of SixtyNinety – two best friends from Brazil, believe that every woman’s body is beautiful and naturally unique so they made it their mission to bypass that limit. They want to create and develop a community of empowered women who wish to pursue a healthy, balanced life.

SixtyNinety was born in Brazil and raised in London. Their goals are fairness, in that products are made according to Fair-Trade guidelines. Both textiles and clothing production is 100% made in Brazil, in small factories that pay their employees – mostly women – a fair wage; Quality, in that textiles used in their products are of exceptional quality, ensuring the durability and comfort of the activewear. They use high-tech fabrics that provide comfort and support while contouring and enhancing the body’s curves. They constantly monitor products to make sure they only offer apparel that meets their high quality standards; and empowerment in that SixtyNinety is a company run by women for women. They are a brand constantly focused on motivating women to reach their goals.

The garments are made with high tech Fluity CO2 fabric that is manufactured with Amni Soul Eco – the first biodegradable synthetic yarn in the world. SixtyNinety’s packaging is also made with recyclable products in line with their vision to make as little impact as possible on the environment.

SixtyNinety_Absinthe_Amazon_£60 SixtyNinety_Absinthe_Burgundy_£60 SixtyNinety_Bellini_Amazon_£62 SixtyNinety_Caipirinha_Burgundy_£62 SixtyNinety_Caipirinha_Tropical_£62

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, read what the team behind SixtyNinety has to say on maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Daniela – Founder
Background: Journalism and media manager for kickboxing premier league
Workout of choice: Kitesurfing
A place: RIO – It is a city that everybody seems to be on an endless holiday
Fit Advice: Don’t overthink about working out, just get up and go

Aline – Founder
Background: Business graduate and travelled the world as a model
Workout of choice: I love doing classes, so my workout never falls into a routine
A place: Barcelona – for its unique vibe
Fit Advice: To have a balanced diet, to allow your body to rest – good sleep is as important as a good workout

Vanusa – Partner
Background: Fashion industry
Workout of choice: Heavy weights – the best thing for your body
A place: London – just love everything about it
Fit Advice: Lift heavy, eat clean and sleep loads

Currently available online, it can only be a matter of time before SixtyNinety is available in London shops. You saw them here first.