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Sarah Myerscough: Art as Process

SEEN had the good fortune to talk to gallerist Sarah Myerscough at the recent Collect art fair at the Saatchi Gallery. Noted for her expert eye for artefacts in wood, her stall at Collect was singled out as a Collect Spotlight in which the gallery was selected to display experimental work in innovative ways that challenged, excited and created discussion with visitors. IOn Sarah Myerscough’s space the artist makers were a collection of wooden structures by David Gates that were teamed with vitreous enamel detailing, that created an apocalyptic dystopian display rich with mystery, and even myth.

Seen was very taken with work on her stand by Nic Webb. The artist literally sketches with fire as he burns away the interior of wooden forms to create unique pieces. In conversation with Sarah Myerscough, SEEN agreed that the process of creation is every bit as valid as the finished piece in terms of the aesthetic appeal of a piece. It adds nuance and depth of meaning to the material, the artist’s intention and the piece’s final iteration.

A veteran of many art fairs globally, Sarah Myerscough is always keen to observe the artistic processes and trends evolving in other countries’ cultural and artistic practice. A visit to an art fair where she is displaying is to see a cornucopia of bold artistic statements that sets trends rather than follows them.