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Larry Cadge: Starseeds

SEEN’s ears have been receiving the hypnotically dreamy stylings of producer Larry Cadge who has just released ‘Starseeds’ on Smiley Fingers. Composed of two tracks: With ‘Starseeds’ fans of Deep Techno will appreciate the bass riffs and ambient sounds, plus the strangely compelling vocals (SEEN’s favourite element). Its pared-down vibe makes it oddly intimate, like he’s playing just for you, yet you could dance like no one’s looking, the beat’s that infectious. ‘Echoes’ trance-like opening vocal gives way to an eminently danceable track; it’s like a call to arms to the faithful.

Larry boasts 18,000 fans of Techno and House as his followers. SEEN counts themselves in that happy band. Check out Starseeds for yourselves.