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Digital Nomad: Horizn Luggage at London Fashion Week 2017

The astute will spot these smart (in every sense) cases on the catwalk this London Fashion Week. Hitherto a hi-tech travel brand based in Berlin, SEEN hears rumours of the brand’s arrival in London this autumn.

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Their understated sleekness and durability makes the luggage perfect for the urban nomad. Horizn’s contemporary cases and bags keep the traveller connected with inbuilt removable batteries, allowing you to recharge your mobile devices up to 6 times, and incorporating a Personal Travel Assistant with optional Guard Card and GPS systems to ensure that you and your luggage never gets lost.


The cases are made to the very highest specifications: leather elements are sorced and stitched in Italy; German polycarbonate; and Japanese Hinomoto wheels ensures top engineering in the Horizn Trolley case. Subject to strict testing and development to ensure that the needs of the 21st traveller are always met, the design/travel/tech interface is kept up-to-date.

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The team behind Horizn Studios, Stefan Holwe and Jan Roosen have elevated their brand’s visibility through a collaboration with Soho House and Design Hotels™. London is set to join New York, Florence, Berlin and Paris as the next stop on the journey for this global brand