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David Bowie Memorial to be Built in Brixton

There are many areas in South London that are proud to claim the late, great David Bowie as their son, but none has a claim quite like Brixton. The Thin White Duke was born on Stansfield Road nearby to the site of the proposed sculpture opposite Brixton Tube Station, and will pair with the Aladdin Sane Mural nearby (by Jimmy C.), which was a focus for tributes when Bowie died.

The sculpture is huge: a 3-storey lightning flash from Bowie’s Aladdin Sane persona. The funding will be generated by a campaign on Crowdfunder initiated by ‘This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll’ in collaboration with Bowie’s team in New York and London. The target amount is £990,000 and the campaign will run until March 21st 2017 if you want to get involved. It will be a fabulous addition to an area famous for its creative vibe.

Bowie’s life and influence has been remembered in various ways since his death; a set of Bowie emojis, a ballet production and, appropriately enough, a star constellation. The home he shared with Iggy Pop in Berlin in the seventies also received a plaque. That was the great thing about Bowie; people world-wide felt a connection with him and his music.

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Freeman Releases ‘Lay On’

West London-based singer-songwriter and abstract artist, FREEMAN released his debut single on Catapult Records on the 22nd of September 2017. SEEN has been listening and enjoying the chilled-out vibe.

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Sculpture in the City, Art for Everyone

SEEN thoroughly enjoyed a preview of the 18 new artworks around the financial district’s square mile. Set up by The City of London in 2010, this excellent initiative expands its footprint every year, improving the area and proving that when people are happy, they work better.

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Alex Evans at the Foundry Gallery, Chelsea Quarter: LDF17

The astute reader will have noticed that SEEN loves art about London. There are many artists in this city who draw (pun intended) their inspiration from it, none more so than Alex Evans whose fractal renderings hint at the entropic nature of urban life and perhaps also our anxieties and isolation in the 21st century. His latest exhibition ‘Invisible Systems’ can be seen at the Foundry Gallery, tucked away off the King’s Road until 26th October.