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Kate Moss Inspires Nick Knight’s New Exhibition

Kate Moss continues to fascinate her public and collaborators alike, inspiring Nick Knight’s latest exhibition in which he’s commissioned 30 illustrators to render Moss’s image and the clothes that have adorned her over the years.

Gill Button
Unskilled Worker

Photographer and SHOWstudio supremo Knight commented: ‘I asked 30 of the world’s best fashion illustrators to draw Kate’s most iconic catwalk looks, all chosen specially by her, for the amazing designers she has worked with including McQueen, Galliano and Westwood. The result is a uniquely beautiful exhibition that shows the many exciting ways each artists sees the model who has come to symbolise what fashion means for a whole generation.’

Kelly Beeman

SEEN has always thought that Kate Moss is a chameleon; no two pictures of her look the same – perhaps the secret of her enduring appeal as a supermodel. Moss herself has spoken of her delight at the exhibition, where the illustrations of her will be shown alongside gifs of her by Nick Knight, contemporary projects and fashion films.

On from today until 20th April 2017

Moving Kate
22D Ebury Street