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Big and Bold: The Era of D.I.S.C.O.

The eighties are back, baby! Big, bejewelled pieces are taking over the catwalk and with its asymmetrical shapes and clashing patterns; the Shalimar collection from Evra Jewellery is leading the way for Spring 2017 with cuffs, rings, chokers and earrings, you can revel in a catalogue of colour this season. Evra always finds a great way to reinvent previous decades and bring them bang up to date. Designer Tamara Zantout spent her childhood in London, and uses her training as an architect to inform her jewellery designs.

Eminently wearable for day or night, this fun collection rejoices in the coming warmth of the Spring season, when we throw off the black we’ve been shrouded in all Winter and embrace the possibility of sunshine. Encouraged by Shalimar’s colours we should clash wherever we can. It was what the eighties were all about, after all.

BNK_0005 EVRA BNK_0015 EVRA Evra The Art Of Eve - Babylon Cuff - £190 - Evra The Art Of Eve - Samarcande Earrings - £200 - Evra The Art Of Eve - Samarcande Necklace - £335 - Evra The Art Of Eve - Samarcande Ring - £90 - (2)