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Have Your Pancake and Eat it: Shrove Tuesday at aqua shard

What better combination could there be than luxurious pancakes, a cocktail and a stunning view over the city? SEEN hears that you can have all this and Instagram possibilities aplenty with aqua shard’s extravagant and highly photogenic pancake dessert: the Blueberry ‘mille feuille’ Pancake Cake. Served with blueberry ripple ice cream, maple syrup jelly and – in a delicious twist – topped off with a crisp rasher of syrup-glazed pancetta.


While you’re at it, you might as well go the whole hog and have one of aqua shard‘s unique pancake cocktails: a sweet combination of dark rum, maple syrup, and chocolate vermouth garnished with a caramel basket and mini-pancake. The dessert is £9, the cocktail £16. Go on, treat yourself. SEEN certainly will be. Pancake day comes but once a year, after all.

aqua shard
Level 31
The Shard
31 St Thomas Street