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LOVE Turntable: Smart Music Designed by Yves Béhar

SEEN is willing to bet you’ll want to play vinyl through such a fashionable system. Everything these days is vintage, maybe because the past is more comforting than the present. Vinyls are back big-style. But this time there is a new way to play them, through the Love Turntable.

Yves Béhar has combined a vintage way of listening to music by using digital elements. Vinyl’s resurgence in popularity means more companies are coming up with other modes for the medium, and new concepts are being developed creating more options for our listening pleasure.



This high-end smartphone-controlled turntable, fits on any surface and produces a high-quality, organic sound with an easy-to-use interface for a seamless analog listening experience. Launched on Kickstarter at the beginning of February, the Love Turntable is available now and costs $599, but the first 500 backers receive a special rate of $299 plus a “Free for Life” Love app account with unlimited access to a wide range of premium features.Love-Turntable-2

Love is designed using an organic outer shell finished in glossy black with some details in rose gold. Love’s record base comes in a variety of colours, suiting any interior with ample storage for your vinyls.



The system has been designed with an element, which streams the finest analog sound via Bluetooth and wi-fi to audio devices including speakers, and headphones, and home theatre systems. Wi-fi compatibility and connection to a DLNA source also allows for playing through any home ecosystem and personal listening device, including sonos. Never has vintage looked so modern.