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Valentine’s Day: The Ivy Celebrates its Iconic Windows

SEEN tends to come down on the sceptical side around Valentine’s Day but if the picture is anything to go by, she might just treat herself to this particular dessert at renowned celebrity hang-out The Ivy. Whether you’re a sceptic or hopeless romantic, you cannot avoid the inevitable… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and The Ivy turns 100 this year, so to mark the occasion they will be serving a range of new dishes, adding to their already expansive and continental menu.

Among the new dishes will be a dessert entitled ‘A Window to The Ivy’, designed to look like the iconic, diamond shaped windows. Diners can indulge in this rich treat at The Ivy, West Street, priced at £9.75, but be warned, bookings are compulsory. Treat your beloved to this limited addition, centenary dessert, which incorporates a rich chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge, filled with a velvety cherry centre. It’s enough to send any heart a-flutter, including SEEN’s.

The Ivy
West Street
Covent Garden