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London Fashion Week: Sipping a ‘Molly Goddard’

SEEN can only applaud the mixologists at the Gin Palace who have created a cocktail to refresh London’s fashionistas. The Gin Palace is at the Strand Palace Hotel – rapidly turning into a must-visit central London destination. SEEN hears that the ‘Molly Goddard’ is fresh, fruity and fabulous and available exclusively for London Fashion Week AW17, and London Fashion Weekend 2017, from 17th – 26th February, for £9.95.

Molly Goddard is the designer to watch this season and her collection of ‘real world magic’ champions her uniquely girly aesthetic, which has been echoed in the cocktail that bears her name: Comprising 50ml of Old Tom Gin, 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice, 15ml Gomme, and 3 Fresh Raspberries, the gin, fresh lemon juice and gomme is shaken into a highball glass, topped up with prosecco foam and garnished with three raspberries. Best imbibed while lively.

SEEN Enjoys a Molly Goddard

Your intrepid reporter partook of a Molly Goddard cocktail at the Gin Palace within the Strand Palace Hotel. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it, right?


The lovely staff showed me to a corner table and brought me the cocktail, which looked a treat; a rich deep pink with a white top. It tasted sweet with the raspberries, slightly bitter with the lemon juice, but had quite a kick to it, being a twist on a Tom Collins. But all the flavours balanced very well. The absolute masterstroke was the Prosecco foam, so snowy yet so light. SEEN must confess to being slightly tipsy as she left, but it really is an excellent way to participate in London Fashion Week.

The Strand Palace Hotel
372 Strand