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Strut and Cluck: A Slice of Eastern Mediterranean Heaven

SEEN ventured forth onto the rain-washed streets of Shoreditch on Monday, there to sample the delights of Strut and Cluck, who feature – daringly – a whole host of turkey dishes on their menu. I must confess to not being a fan of the Christmas and Thanksgiving favourite, even with an Eastern Mediterranean twist, but no matter, there’s plenty on the menu to tempt the devoted foodie who isn’t afraid to try something a little different. The food is healthy but sumptuous: Slow-cooked Lamb with Date Molasses and garlic on Polenta or Paprika Marinated Crispy Baby Squid with Sumac Mayo, for example.

The friendly and attentive staff were a mine of information on the food (always a good sign) and went the extra mile to make other diners and SEEN feel at home, so I kicked off with a rather excellent cocktail punningly named ‘Jaffa, I Mist You’ which contained rum, elderflower, orange bitters and (home-made) candied orange syrup. The depth of the rum was countered with the lightness of the elderflower, the orange notes were sweet in a fruity way but not overpoweringly so, and the rim of the glass was coated with dark molasses thus adding more depth with each sip.

Strut and Cluck four dishes

The friendly waitress suggested the Charred Cauliflower, so SEEN ordered a half. This was cauliflower but not as we know it in Britain. It’s too easy to overdo a cauli dish but this was a revelation; it was charred and dressed with lemon zest infused crème fraiche, pomegranate seeds and a touch of molasses. Absolutely delicious. SEEN only regrets she didn’t go for a whole cauli. I had olives with lemon on the side, which were full of flavour. In fact that’s what distinguishes Strut and Cluck is the medley of flavours. They aren’t afraid to use herbs and spices even in simple dishes, elevating them immediately. Surely their own cookbook will be launched soon? Vegetarians are amply provided for with Salad of Charred Avocado, Broccolini and Za-atar Spiced Gem Lettuce, Crispy Chickpeas, Quinoa and Roasted Chillies, or Feta, Quinoa and Mint Fritters with Tomato Salsa amongst other options.


For dessert, I tried Strut and Cluck’s Kadiyef Nest of Vanilla Cheesecake Cream, and again was struck by the difference to traditional British cheesecakes. This was light, creamy and nestled on a bed of sugar strands, adorned with caramelised pecans. Nothing like heavier versions I’ve tried before. I thought the whole evening was lovely and will definitely be back. SEEN recommends.

Strut and Cluck
151-153 Commercial St
E1 6BJ